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What is the point of Buying Instagram Likes?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to get over 10,000 likes on a post especially for someone who thinks their content on Instagram is perfect? It does not matter if you want to create awareness on a product or just become recognized on social media, it is pleasant though to get thousand of likes. Of late there are services where people are buying thousands of likes at a fee. One wonders why everybody is not buying these like as cheap as they sound.

There are services that are cheap and allowing people to buy a thousand likes for only ten dollars. The bots or inactive accounts you buy will not engage your posts, so you should remember that what you are buying are just numbers. A simple search on Google shows that there are even services where you buy instagram likes followers with only six bucks for 500 followers or ten bucks for 1000 followers.

In fact, if you choose to buy followers, you will also be required to pay for the services that will follow those who like your posts with specifications like gender, account type, hash tag, and location. You get to follow those accounts following you. This is an option where you are likely to deal with actual human beings though engagement is still unlikely. The lack of authenticity of the accounts that are following you invests a risky one. Other users will soon enough notice that the number of likes is not commensurate with the comments and they will notice something is amiss and may stop following you. Learn more from us at

I’m sure you will agree that buying likes is not helpful in the long run. They will not be loyal when following you, it will be short-lived, and that makes their real definition of fake followers. Real account holders following you may not trust you at all in case they notice that you are using fake followers and this makes the investment a risky one. Fake followers will never feature in your news feeds and will never appear on your explore pages. It will be hard to estimate metrics because since the followers might offer some engagement, they will later drain the performance of your account.

No value of content will ever be added by your fake followers on your Instagram account. Until such time as you may have to make a report about your Instagram’s account performance, that is when you will notice that inasmuch as these fake following will give you attention and give you likes and comments but will not be reflective at such a time, this is because your content remains hidden and only can be seen by your followers who are not real.

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